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Let's say you have a blog: a great, magnificent blog. However, you are looking to turn this blog into an even more magnificent asset. You want to turn your passion, your blog, into something more.

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I have loved being a part of the Health Bloggers Academy. I highly recommend it to anyone who is starting out as a blogger or a social media influencer. Its got all the hacks, strategic tips you need to enhance your digital presence and take your blog and feed to the next level.

Jia from Wandering for Wellness


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I really enjoyed being part of the MBA. It's so useful to get feedback on what we've done - it's reassuring to know your on the right lines or to get suggestions on how to improve.

Rachel - Healthy and Psyched

The perks of our courses are endless

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Inspiration: have interviews with successful industry figures who give advice on sustainable ways to create awareness of your blog and your products so that you build lasting relationships within an online community.

Information: you'll be able to find how-tos and quick lessons on some of the most common blogging topics and dilemmas.

Motivation: our quizzes, worksheets and made-for-you material will help you create amazing content, up your blogging game and much more.

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When I decided that I wanted to make my blog more than just a glorified online diary, I headed to the Pimp my Blog course to help my website to sell itself. Through this, I launched my first blogging series, and created a structure for my blog that helps me to keep my branding consistent and check up on my progress. The lessons I learnt have been invaluable, and are still pointers that I reference on my blog today.

Eleanor - Green and Aquamarine