Become an affiliate of the Health Bloggers Academy

We’d absolutely love to welcome you to our team of Academy affiliates.

Our affiliates help to spread the word about the HBC's awesome blogging courses, and empower people looking to leave the 9-5 behind to pursue their dreams of making a living from their blog.

As an affiliate, you’ll have a special link to the HBC academy and courses page, which you can share on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and through emails.

Every time someone in your network purchases a course and enrols in the academy – BOOM – you earn money. Soon enough you’ll be able to pay for your own courses through your earnings!

We’ll take care of all the admin and keep a track of your sales, so all you have to do is spread the word and share the HBC love. You will also be able to check your latest commissions at any time through Teachable's affiliates dashboard.

On “Pimp My Blog” course: “you can use it to state any services: yoga, or pilates, or nutrition”. It’s like HBC is inside my head. Those are *all* relevant to my website!

The Details

  • Earn 30% commission on any courses in the HBC Academy that are sold through your special link
  • Teachable gives you their own dashboard and handles, paying your commission out directly.
  • Enjoy unlimited earning potential (there are no caps on how many courses you can sell)
  • Fast and reliable monthly payments with accurate sales tracking
  • Email notifications every time someone purchases a course using your special link
  • A notification every time there is a new course up on the Academy.

The Rules

  • You can only use ethical marketing methods to promote the courses. This means no email ‘spamming’ or advertising on sites that contain offensive content.
  • You must allow cookies on your computer, otherwise we can’t track your sales.
  • You can’t use your affiliate link to get discounts on or earn commission from any of your own course purchases.
  • If a course you received commission on is refunded, this commission will be deducted from your next affiliate payment.

Have a few questions on becoming an affiliate? Just send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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